MBM Project migration 2017


Today 5 January 2017 MBM Project starts migration to purposely build web site & blog platform based on MS ASP .NET & C# . Some of the old pages with obsolete information will be dropped. Some will be kept for reference. During the migration due to different platforms the information in the old articles might be partially lost or with changed formatting. Users' comments will not be transferred to the new site.

2017/01/05 17:46



The purpose of this checklist is to provide general guidelines to check a module. Some of the checks are on-going, some of should be performed once a week or when the module is finished and PI is ready to be started.

1. Check section specifications and ploo heights

- Use “Utilities > Lists”- function to select elements

2. Check positions

- Use “Utilities > Reports”- function to select elements

- Position of SITE/ZONE/STRU has to be 0,0,0 WRT WORLD

3. Add all surrounding structures by discipline

- Add all volumes within 1000 mm box for visual check


2011/10/25 20:15

PDMS to Tribon modeling comparison


1. Scope

The scope of this document is a simplified model comparison based on PDMS Structural Design and TRIBON Hull Design.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to give an overview of two 3D- modeling systems and underline the differences between them.


2011/10/16 21:15

SmartMarine 3D - Get list of deleted objects by user, date and time


DB platform: MS SQL server

Product: SmartMarine 3D, SmartPlant 3D (SM3D, SP3D)

Task: Get list of deleted objects by specific user or/and on specific date and time

A list of the deleted objects is avalable from project's Reports database ( xxxx_RDB ).

2013/12/09 14:48

SmartMarine 3D - Show recent objects in the work space

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Database platform: MS SQL server Product: SmartMarine 3D, SmartPlant 3D (SM3D, SP3D) Task: Show in the work space all objects created or edited recently For troubleshooting and for monitoring purposes it is useful sometimes not only to get a list of the objects created or edited recently, but also to show these objects in the work space.

2013/12/09 14:48

The Marine Design Forum discontinued


15 January 2013

Due to Tribon (M1, M2, M3) software retirement, the Tribon related marine design forum support has been discontinued.

2013/01/15 18:55

Milko Minchev – Professional resume

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MBM Project = Milko Belchev Minchev Project , mbmproject.com registered on 23.04.2003



2011/10/28 19:15

Smart Marine 3D beginners SQL quick start

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Some simple SQL queries that can help new users start faster.

Applicable to: SmartPlant 3D , SmartMarine 3D and Smart 3D design systems.

Create equipment list including equimpment description. The information is stored in two different tables in projects' (plants' ) database - XXXX_MDB. The table view JNamedItem contain all items names and their IDs - oid. The equipment data is read from JEquipment. Table view JEquipment has information for the equipment ID but not for its name. Read ItemName from JNamedItem and match the object IDs 'oid' from both tables views.

2011/10/16 21:35

List registered SQL servers using C#

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Applicable to: Smart Marine 3D, Smart Plant 3D using SQL 2005 client

Smart Plant/Marine 3D software require the SQL servers where projects/plants database is located to be registered on each client workstation. In the software version up to 9.1 HotFix: ANY it is required to have also SQL 2005 client installed on the workstation.

2011/10/16 21:35

MBM Project - Tribon utilities download



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